Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Muhammad Asim
CEO, Founder

Muhammad Asim, CEO of Devsort, excels in company management with over 15 years of industry experience. Under his leadership, Devsort has achieved remarkable growth and innovation. Asim's strategic vision and commitment to excellence drive the company's success. He fosters a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, ensuring that Devsort remains at the forefront of the IT services and data science sectors.

Dr Ahsan Saadat

Dr Ahsan Saadat is currently working as a consultant at Devsort. Dr Ahsan completed his PhD from Macquarie University Sydney Australia in 2017 and has worked in multiple Australian universities. Prior to PhD, he completed his MS Engineering from NUST in 2013 and BS Computer Engineering from COMSATS in 2009 where he secured 2 gold medals. He is overlooking research projects in the field of AI and data science.

Haris Jamal Khan
Project Manager

Haris Jamal Khan, a seasoned Project Manager at Devsort, specializes in developing and deploying ML/DL models (MLOps). With a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from GIKI and a Master's in AI from NUST, he excels in using OpenAI APIs and fine-tuning LLMs. Currently, he works on crafting custom-embedded firmware for the Parkinson’s KinetiGraph wristwatch and developing algorithms for movement disorder assessment.

Salman Cheema
Sales Development Representative

Salman, with over multiple years of experience as a Sales Development Representative (SDR), excels in marketing campaigns, lead qualification, and connecting businesses with innovative tech solutions. At Devsort, he bridges our cutting-edge technology with industry needs. Certified in sales strategies, sales navigation, and B2B sales foundations, Salman is dedicated to helping clients harness the power of data and AI to drive business growth.

Aqeel Ahmed
Product Manager

Aqeel Ahmed, an experienced Computer Vision Engineer and AI researcher at Devsort, specializes in developing machine learning algorithms and training/inference pipelines. With a Bachelor's from GIKI and pursuing a Master's in AI and Autonomous Systems from NUST, Aqeel excels in quickly learning new skills and solving complex problems. He leverages his AI expertise to drive innovative projects, aiming to excel as a machine learning architect and engineer.

Muhammad Ismaeel
Full Stack Web Developer

Muhammad Ismaeel is a highly skilled Full Stack Web Developer with extensive front-end and back-end development experience. Proficient in creating responsive and user-friendly interfaces, He ensures seamless integration and robust web application performance. At Devsort, he leverages his diverse skills to deliver versatile and scalable solutions, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction through innovative web and desktop applications, making him a valuable team member.